About IREM

IREM® is an international force of 20,000 individuals united to advance the profession of real estate management. Through training, professional development, and collaboration, IREM® supports our members and others in the industry through every stage of their career.

We believe in our people, and we provide the tools they need to succeed. We open doors, we forge connections, and we help show the way forward. Backed by the power that comes with being an affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS®, we add value to our members, who in turn add value to their teams, their workplaces, and the properties in their commercial and residential portfolios.

Our memberships empower college students, young professionals, and industry veterans who are committed to career advancement. Earning our credentials, including the CPM®, ARM®, ACoM, and AMO®, demonstrates a commitment to, and passion for, good management. These credentials, along with our courses and array of resources, all exist with one goal in mind – to make a difference in the careers of those who manage.

The beginnings of IREM West Michigan

On August 13, 1970, all CPM's in the southwestern region received a letter from Robert D. Britigan in Kalamazoo asking their thoughts on forming a new chapter for our area and calling a meeting for August 27, 1970 at the Kalamazoo Country Club to discuss the possibilities.  As a result of that meeting, there was a second meeting called in Grand Rapids on October 15, 1970, to meet with Rex Potter, Regional Vice President, and James F. Cannon, Executive Vice President of the Institute of Real Estate Management.  At that meeting, there was a general concurrence with all, except Lansing CPM's, that a new chapter should be formed, including all the southwestern portion of Michigan, from Muskegon south the State line, along the lake shore, and as far as East Lansing.  On October 26, 1970, the Lansing CPM's had a meeting and agreed that they would join with the southwestern portion, leaving the Detroit chapter. It was agreeed to ask National for a charter with 17 CPM's as charter members.  Approval was obtained from National at the November meeting in 1970 for the formation of the Southwestern Michigan Chapter.  There was a meeting called on December 17, 1970, of the new Executive Council to begin making plans.

On February, 11, 1971, at Inman's Restaurant in Galeburg, Michigan, the Southwestern Michigan Chapter of IREM held its first Chapter meeting and installed its officers.  The original group of seventeen consisted of property owners and managers, bankers, developers, and real estate brokers.  This group, although small, had the desire to promote professional property management in the West Michigan region.  This was the beginning of what was to become a growing and successful chapter, now known as the West Michigan Chapter.